Schramsberg Champagne Cellars

1400 Schramsberg Road, Calistoga CA

707-942-4558 ~ By Appointment Only



Fall in love with Schramsberg with such a colorful up bring over the centuries with Presidential debut, this gem of a winery is tucked away in the densely forested Diamond Mountain and is a perfect place to visit. Just a few miles south of the town of Calistoga is home to one of Napa Valley’s oldest vineyards & historic caves. Once home to entrepreneur Jacob Schram his 1862 visions of planting a vineyard in an idyllic location came to life. With years passed this winery was taken over by the Davies family where the Victorian house, the lower winery, the barn and the caves remain largely unchanged since Jacob Schram’s days. This grand estate has even been declared a Historical Monument buy the CA Historical Society in 1957. We know you’ll love the time you spend with Schramsberg House of Sparkling Wine!

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