Sonoma Valley

Napa Valley vineyard in California at sunset

Sonoma Valley is known as the Valley of the Moon and is home to some of the earliest vineyards and wineries in the state. Full of rustic chic charm this area is known for starting it all. Many beautiful wineries reside within this region.  The town of Sonoma is centrally located where visitors gather in a wonderful town square. Year round festivals, local cheese and wine bars, restaurants and quaint shops are here to enjoy. Visitors congregate in the park at the town square for a picnic and relaxation.  Local wineries are of Italian flair and an abundance of world renowned wineries and small boutique wineries reside here.  Trolley rides are also available daily departing from the town square allowing visitors to enjoy wineries throughout the valley.

Sonoma Valley Map
Courtesy of Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau

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